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The city’s social planning center opposes against the application over their concerns that mixing gambling with alcohol will have bad consequences.

The conversation topics in an online bingo chat room are not your average neighborhood chatter. When you logon to an online bingo site you'll more than likely meet someone from a different country and begin to learn about a totally new culture.

The difference between poker bingo and online bingo is that online bingo requires less attention from players. There’s no need to keep track of your bingo cards, an auto-dauber will solve that problem for you. In each bingo game, the bingo balls are calle

The execution was flawless as the score of law enforcers took down the bingo operation in one fell swoop. The boys in blue must've cocked quite the eyebrow when their surveillance revealed the club's patrons shelling out $30 apiece for “dinner,” which bas

The first step would be to choose between free bingo websites and pay-to-play bingo websites. As with buying a new car, the best is to first try out the free bingo websites. This way players get a feel and understanding for the game. Some pay-to-play bing

The Gala Bingo Club in Lakeside, United Kingdom, recently fell victim to an armed robbery. A gang of at least five men, armed with knives, stormed into the bingo club several days ago. At that time, the gaming facility's employees were closing the venue a

The game is very fair because everyone gets the same amount of bingo cards and in each round only ten balls are called out. Once the round is finished, you could hold some or all of your bingo cards by clicking on them. You can easily discard them if you


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